Mushroom Cultivation Substrate(Sterilized) 4.5Kg


  • 4.5Kg of sterilized Substrate


Our Substrater is a coco-coir and moss based sterile mushroom substrate. The combination of micro-to-macro particle sizes plus nitrogen supplementation helps to speed up growth and maximize yield. Note: Substrate is hydrated to field capacity.

Can be use in monotubs, outdoor beds, or to grow mushrooms from the bag in a humidity-controlled grow room or Martha setup.

We recommended 1 Kg of colonized grain spawn for every 10Kg of sterile substrate. (Higher inoculation rates may improve your success.)

  • We recommend clean hands and latex gloves when using substrate to reduce the introduction of contaminants.
  • Be sure to mix colonized grain spawn thoroughly into your substrate.

Substrate bags should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. No refrigeration necessary. They can be stored for several months before use.


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