Casing Soil (4 Kg)


  • Mushroom casing soil is a type of growing medium used in mushroom cultivation to provide the right environment for mycelium growth and fruiting.
  • This particular product contains 4 kilograms of casing soil, which is enough to fill multiple mushroom growing containers.
  • The soil is made from a blend of organic materials, such as peat moss, vermiculite, and coir, that provide a good balance of water retention and drainage.
  • The casing soil is also supplemented with calcium carbonate, which helps to adjust the pH level of the growing medium to an optimal range for mushroom growth.
  • The texture of the soil is fine and fluffy, which allows for good air circulation around the roots of the mushroom mycelium.
  • The casing soil comes pre-pasteurized, which means that it has been treated to kill off any potential pathogens or contaminants that could harm the mushroom crop.
  • To use the casing soil, it is typically spread in a thin layer over the top of a substrate, such as a mixture of compost and straw, to create a protective layer for the developing mushrooms.
  • The casing soil should be moistened before use to ensure that it maintains the right level of moisture throughout the growing process.
  • This product is suitable for a range of mushroom varieties, including button, portobello, milky mushroom and oyster mushrooms.


Mushroom casing soil is a specially formulated substrate designed to be used as a top layer for mushroom cultivation. It is made from a blend of natural ingredients such as peat moss, vermiculite, and calcium carbonate. The soil has been sterilized and is ready to use right out of the bag.

This casing soil is an essential component of the mushroom cultivation process, as it provides a protective layer for the mycelium and helps to promote the formation of fruiting bodies. It also helps to regulate moisture levels and maintain a consistent temperature, which is critical for successful mushroom cultivation.

The 4 kg bag of mushroom casing soil is ideal for small-scale mushroom growers or those just starting with mushroom cultivation. The bag is easy to store and use, and the soil can be mixed with other substrates or used on its own.

Overall, mushroom casing soil is an essential ingredient for any mushroom cultivator looking to grow high-quality, delicious mushrooms at home or in a commercial setting.


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