Annulohypoxylon archeri (Black Fungus) Culture In Test Tube


  • Annulohypoxylon archeri, commonly known as black fungus, is a species of Ascomycota fungi that is often found growing on decaying wood.
  • A culture of this fungus can be grown in a test tube in a laboratory setting using a variety of media, including potato dextrose agar (PDA), malt extract agar (MEA), and oatmeal agar (OA).
  • The culture is typically started by transferring a small piece of the fungus onto the chosen medium and allowing it to grow for several days under controlled conditions, such as a temperature of 25-30°C and a humidity of around 80%.
  • The resulting culture will produce a black, velvety mycelium that can be harvested and used for various purposes, including research, teaching, and industrial applications.
  • Some potential applications of Annulohypoxylon archeri culture include the production of bioactive compounds, the study of fungal ecology and evolution, and the development of new biotechnologies.
  • The culture can be shipped in sterile test tubes or petri dishes to ensure maximum viability and shelf life, and should be stored in a cool, dry place until ready for use.
  • Proper handling and storage of the culture are essential to prevent contamination and maintain purity, and should be performed in a laminar flow hood or other sterile environment.
  • Overall, Annulohypoxylon archeri culture represents a valuable tool for scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs interested in exploring the diverse world of fungi and unlocking their potential for a wide range of applications.


Annulohypoxylon archeri, commonly known as Black Fungus, is a type of wood-decaying fungus that is often found in forests throughout North America. This fungus is known for its distinct black color and unique spore-bearing structures, which are called perithecia.

Our Annulohypoxylon archeri culture in test tube is a pure culture of this fungus that has been carefully cultivated in a sterile environment. This culture is intended for use in research, education, and industrial applications.

The test tube contains a small amount of sterile agar media that provides nutrients for the fungus to grow. The culture is delivered in a sealed, sterile package to ensure its purity and viability.

With this culture, researchers can study the biology and ecology of Annulohypoxylon archeri, as well as explore potential industrial applications such as the production of enzymes or bioactive compounds.

Overall, the Annulohypoxylon archeri culture in test tube is a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying this fascinating fungus.


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