Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Fungus) and Annulohypoxylon archeri (Black Fungus) Culture In Test Tube combo


  • A culture in test tube combo of Tremella Fuciformis and Annulohypoxylon archeri refers to a laboratory-grown sample of both fungi species that is contained in a small glass tube with a nutrient-rich growth medium.
  • This culture combo can be used by researchers, growers, or enthusiasts to study the growth and development of these fungi species, as well as to develop new strains or products.
  • The growth medium in the test tube provides the necessary nutrients and conditions for the fungi to grow and reproduce, allowing for easy observation and experimentation.
  • Tremella Fuciformis and Annulohypoxylon archeri have different growth habits and requirements, so a culture in test tube combo can help to optimize their growth and potential interactions.
  • The resulting product of the culture combo could potentially have unique health benefits and culinary uses, as both fungi species have been traditionally used for their medicinal and culinary properties.
  • Overall, a culture in test tube combo of Tremella Fuciformis and Annulohypoxylon archeri provides a convenient and controlled environment for studying and cultivating these fascinating fungi species.


Tremella fuciformis, also known as snow fungus, and Annulohypoxylon archeri, also known as black fungus, are two different types of fungi with distinct characteristics.

It is possible to culture both of these fungi in test tubes, but they have different requirements for growth. Snow fungus prefers a cooler temperature range of 10-20°C and a high humidity level, while black fungus prefers a warmer temperature range of 25-30°C and moderate humidity.

To culture both of these fungi in a test tube combo, you would need to create a suitable growth medium that meets the requirements of both fungi. You could use a combination of agar, malt extract, and other nutrients to create a balanced medium that supports the growth of both fungi.

To culture the fungi, you would need to sterilize the growth medium and test tubes to prevent contamination. Then, you could inoculate the medium with spores or mycelium from the fungi and incubate the test tubes at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels.

Over time, the fungi would grow and develop in the test tubes, forming characteristic structures and producing spores. You could use the resulting cultures for scientific study, culinary purposes, or other applications.


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