Shimeji Mushroom, Spawn 5 Kg


  • First generation Spawn
  • 350g x 14 pc 100% clean, active mycelium Spawn
  • Every batch has been tested before adding to our inventory
  • Ideal for Mushroom Cultivation
  • Novel innovation, reduces mushroom generation stage, cost effective, High quality cultivation of mushroom
  • Manufactured On Order
  • Dispatch after 8-10 days


Mushrooms are especially known for their attractive flavour, texture and represent one of the world’s greatest untapped resources of nutritious and palatable food. Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine in many parts of the world since time immemorial. Although mushrooms are often grouped with vegetables and fruits, they are actually fungi. Mushroom served as the important biosources of food and medicinal industry for many years.


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