Psilocybe Cubinsis Golden Teacher Grow Box


Harvest_Yield: up to 250 Gram,s
Volume: 1000 mL
Strength & Visuals: varies per species
Stock Temperature: 4 Celsius
Shelf Life: 2 Months, when unopened
Grow Temperature: 15 – 28 Celsius

Usually dispatch in 5-10 days
Grow to Harvest: 10 – 25 Days


Discover a new world of possibilities with Psilocybe Cubinsis Golden Teacher Grow kit! This unique strain of magic mushrooms first appeared in the late 1980s, and since then has been known for its shamanistic capabilities. With its unmistakable golden caps and powerful effects, the Golden Teacher is sure to teach you a better world. Enjoy the amazing experience of harvesting your own Psilocybe Cubinsis Golden Teacher mushrooms with this easy to use grow kit. Get ready to explore the unknown and unlock a new world of possibilities!


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