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Facility is exclusively dedicated to mycological projects. 

From Mushroom – To Mushroom


Project dedicates
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               Gels & Media
               Spawn (All Kind)

From Mushroom – To Mushroom


Below are the lists services available

Spore to agar plates or tubes  500/- per plate 100/- transport , Time required 7 days

agar to liquid mycelium  300/-  100/- transport,  , Time required 7 days

agar to grains spawn     500/- per kg   200/- transport  , Time required 15 days

spore to grain spawn    1000/- per kg  200/- transport    , Time required 25 days    

Spawn to mushroom block  500 for 2 blocks of 500g each  200/- transport , Time required 20 days

Spore to Mushroom block 1200/- for 2 blocks of 500g each 200/- transport  , Time required 35-45 days

and many more..

opt the required service by calling us on 7892874049

After payment, you have to send the material to below Address

Thanvi Biotechnology

Door No. F10, First floor, F Block,


Davangere 577003